Alma Mater Sports Academy

Alma Mater Sports Academy is among the best sports academy that focuses on overall growth and excellence. With the help of highly skilled mentors who themselves have played at national and international platforms, committed to build every individual into an athlete. Alma Mater Sports Academy provides various opportunities to learn like Cricket, Swimming, Basketball, Taekwondo, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, etc.

Sports Activities: There are many sports activities available in the school. Sports Academy focuses on these Seven (7).

1. Skilled Trainers: Experienced players are employed as coaches so that the students learn from the best. Coaches are themselves highly trained & motivated individuals.

2. Quality Equipment: High quality, safe equipment is used to achieve high quality training and fitness.

3.Sport Nutrition: Dietician is available who regularly assesses students’ dietary requirements.

4. Team Building Classes:Team sports like Cricket, Basketball breed excellent team players, and even team leaders.

5. 100% Safety: Our motto is ‘Safety First – always’. We ensure safe practices are used in all sports, and trained lifeguards are present at all times during swimming.

6. Fitness: Fitness is in-built in all sports. Each student must participate in fitness programs along with his/her sport.

7. Instructors: We have a team of highly skilled coaches who have played Nationally / Internationally themselves.

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