Senior Secondary Education

The society desires to afford quality education to its children for progressive lives, bright careers & honorable existence. Parents endeavour to get their wards admitted to renowned schools for their mental, physical & emotional development. Having realized these needs of the people of Bareilly, Alma Mater came into existence in 1988. During its journey of 28 years, the school has carved its own niche in the field of education, sports & other related fields.

Today, if we look around, we realize that as far as the question of technology is concerned, the change is a positive one. However, if we shift our glance to ethics & moral values, the scenario is far from satisfactory. In the mad rush of everyday life & cut throat existence, parents, elders & guardians hardly get time to fulfill their obligations. It’s here that teachers & custodians of education have a crucial role to play. Alma Mater aims at holistic development of students honing their personality, intellect, physical development & moral upbringing. We not only impart knowledge but also instill basic values of life, humanity, charity & love in each & every child.

The school library is richly equipped with books for all ages & tastes. To inculcate the habit of reading, the school subscribes to a number of dailies & periodicals in Hindi & English. Classroom teaching is supplemented with teaching aids & allied books available in the library. The library is also equipped with kindle e-books/e-readers. Children can utilize the smart gadgets to read millions of books available online. Smart boards from Next Education have been installed in the classrooms to enhance the learning of children. The Audio & Visual aids augment the learning needs of different children.

To infuse the spirit of competition, leadership, tolerance, sportsmanship & to explore the hidden talent in cultural & sports activities, students are divided into 4 houses, viz. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto, each house being under the supervision of a house master, who is highly competitive & motivates his house members to push the boundaries of success.
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